welcome sisterxsister ambassadors!

we are so hype to have you on the team and cannot wait to see the community you can create in your town! to get you on the right track and make sure that your meetings are a success, here is all the information you need

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what is sisterxsister?

SISTERxSISTER is a monthly networking group for high school + college age girl photographers/videographers/any girl in media around the country. there is not enough support around female creatives in the media industry and we are here to change that. 

get ready for monthly discussions about the workplace and how we can shift others perspective of girls in media. you will help other girls to learn networking skills that they can echo into their own careers.

the heart of sisterxsister is to empower + encourage + educate.

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GOAL: empower, encourage + educate young women in your city while fostering genuine relationships and building fruitful networks!

ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! when you represent b+b it’s important that you stay excited, ready and willing about the work you are doing. if you’re excited your SXS group with mimic your energy as well!

because this is a monthly networking group we want to emphasize that we encourage the fostering of friendships. 

pay special attention to the girls in your group, their names, their stories and their individual needs. look for things you can use to connect the members of your group together. 

be sure to take some time to reflect on the topic and read over the monthly meeting guide before your meeting date.


each month, you'll have a schedule to put together your meeting and get people involved:
- 1st week of the month is promo week
- 2nd week is invite week
- 3rd week is when you send out reminders + meeting week 

sxs meeting process:
- meetings are every third saturday of each month
- We discuss topics ranging from patronizing bosses to discovering the creative community around us!
- all ambassadors are in charge of their own emailing and are only required to cc sister@buildandbloom.co on all emails
- once rsvps come in, ambassadors send out a reminder email the following week to those who rsvp'd yes
- meetings are 1 1/2- 2 hours long
- meeting schedule is in the "Monthly meeting worksheet"
- monthly topic is not negotiable and the curriculum should be followed in all meetings around the country on the same day (unless we make an exception)
- ambassadors should be taking notes during meetings for meeting recaps

meeting recaps:
should include personal meeting notes and helpful resources they have shared throughout the meetings. any photos taken at the meeting should also be sent along to the sister@buildandbloom.co email

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allow 10 min buffer for people to arrive

welcome everyone, introduce SISTERXSISTER:
sisterxsister is a monthly networking group for young women under build + bloom. a safe place for you guys to share. if you're taking video tell people to mute it in case, there is weird conversation going on
(10 min)

have the leaders introduce themselves
tell them to follow B+B if they are not
(5 min)

***remind the girls to all have venmo or cash and that everyone has to pay for themselves

have everyone go around and give their elevator pitch:
name, age, job/school, what they do creatively, how they heard about sisterxsister
(take note of this to report back)
(20-25 min)

transaction into the topic
announce topic, have each leader give example
(we want to allow the girls to do most of the talking)
(5 mins)

open it up to the girls to share their stories, questions, comments etc
(30 min)

wrap up convo, open networking, finish brunch
ex: “Alright guys that marks the end of our conversation, feel free to stay and hang, finish your brunch and get to know each other even more!”
(this time includes getting the check and paying)
(25 min)

end brunch, closing remarks
(goodbyes/ contact exchanges!)
(5 min)

this schedule includes a ten minute buffer. 

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we want you to stick to the build + bloom branding when promoting your sisterxsister meetings. we have a color story and particular fonts that we need you to use to keep the continuity of the build + bloom style and design.


Hello there,

My name is NAME and I am the ROLE for Build + Bloom, an online + in person photography community. B+B is a classroom for creatives by creatives, existing online and in person for the benefit of budding creators and is a safe space for education, encouragement, and building each other up. Online, our community composed of photographers, graphic designers, bloggers, and more. In person, we operate as a non-profit organization that supports the engagement and growth of our local creative communities.

Next month, we are looking for a venue to host our next SISTERXSISTER young women’s networking brunch on the heels of our very successful program launch last month in NYC. SXS was started to offer a safe learning + networking space for women in the photography and creative industry, allowing for inspiration and valuable connection. Our reach is growing each month, SXS recently having held events in NYC and Seattle with Houston coming up in May! We are looking to host the LOCATION event on DATE AND TIME, and I wanted to reach out and ask if your space would be willing to host us? Our party size would likely amass 25-30 women, who love to brunch and support businesses like COMPANY. Build + Bloom’s SXS women are eager and ready to connect with each other! We feel that the collaboration between our platform and your venue would be a naturally cohesive and beneficial partnership. This is primarily due to the already creative nature of BRAND and Build + Bloom’s influential network of creators that would be very excited to be introduced to a space as unique and designed for them as yours! We’d love to support your company while we network encourage one another during SISTERXSISTER.

If you are interested in partnering with Build + Bloom for our SXS event, we would be so excited to connect with you. If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact me! I would be happy to talk with you over the phone to secure details and such. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you!



Build + Bloom



monthly meeting guide:
this month's topic is ______________
have everyone bring ____________ with them to the meeting for discussion