sisterxsister is a volunteer program for young girls interested in media. it is for girls, lead by girls. it is a monthly meet-up group that gathers in cities across the united states, connecting hundreds girls who CREATE. sxs meets on the third saturday of the month! whether photography is your side hustle or you're a full-time blogger, there’s a spot for you at the table. all high school and college-aged girls are welcome!

our intention for this group is to build up our local community of young women in media and empower, encourage, + equip them for the workforce.
we are stronger together!

each month we host an open discussion around a common issue within the creative media industry and exchange thoughts on how we can change it. this group fosters genuine friendships in local communities via a common interest like media.


sisterxsister meets on the third saturday of every month! we are currently on summer break, but we will be back in the fall with all new programming, curriculum, and networking opportunities!

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I benefit from this community because media can be a very competitive field and there isn’t much support. It’s great to meet people who love what they do and want to network, but who also want to genuinely make friends. I love sisterxisister; I’ve never been to something like this. I usually get nervous around such artistic people, but everyone is nice and open! To have access to a studio environment and models, for free, outside of school is amazing
— Bianca, NYC
I love sisterxsister because it has given me the opportunity to connect with my city’s creative community. At sisterxsister, we say that women can be “tender and talented,” and I believe that putting collaboration over competition makes art fun again. At sisterxsister, I feel freed from the pressure and stress of measuring-up. I’m able to be myself and communicate my ideas and learn from the empowering women of my city.
— Laura, Atlanta Photographer


Finding your way through a new creative outlet can be difficult, but having organizations like build + bloom makes that so much easier. This past weekend I was lucky enough to sit with a group of ladies, talk about my goals and the importance of taking a break. I learned some tips and tricks for shooting editorials and portraits. Thank you, sisterxsister team, for creating such a therapeutic, collaborative, and creative space for women to come together.
— Hailey, Atlanta Designer and Visual Artist
This group fosters community over competition, with encouragement and support. Sometimes being a photographer can feel very solitary, so it’s amazing to be involved with other photographers, learning and playing with each other, creating this network of support and education, especially from other women.
— KKelly, Portland Photographer
Sisterxsister was the first homebase I had in my city. Some of my closest friends have come from SXS. It gives you a good idea of who you are in the industry, but with a courage and strength to go after what you want to achieve! It’s helpful to see women you look up to doing things that you want to be doing, but then they’re also your friends and they’re invested in you. That makes it so much more than a group of girls who meets on Saturday.
— Kayla, NYC
I found SXS online through Jessica’s youtube. It’s such a good sisterhood to have, to talk about photography and being female in the industry. This brings together passionate young girls who want to become professionals. I’m glad to be a part of it. I was nervous at first; I’m from Singapore, and I don’t know much about NYC. I started photography as a hobby, and it was intimidating to me. But today I worked in a studio with other photographers and it was amazing! Sisterxsister has brought me a whole network of passionate young girls who want to connect and shoot to make a living! Now I tell other girls, ‘don’t be scared; come join the fun!’
— Bethany, NYC
Since attending sisterxsister, she has so much business knowledge. She has really grown. She is able to have conversations with other photographers about her contract or client questions. It has been leaps and bounds since joining this group.
— Parent of one of the girls
As a photographer and a model, the industry is very male-dominated; you tend to work with a lot of men. Being a part of sisterxsister is really empowering and inspiring, and it makes me want to create more work of my own. I was comfortable right away because sisterxisister isn’t formal; the first meeting I went to was a picnic!
— Sophie, NYC
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thank you to the wing for donating your dumbo, brooklyn location for our april 2019 meeting! this provided a safe environment so the girls could fully LEARN + process what was being taught, free of any outside distractions. no shouting over loud music to hear each other, no random people coming up to us, etc. this was the biggest blessing we could’ve asked for! we usually meet wherever there’s space which isn’t easy to find in nyc. coffee shops, the basement seating in restaurants, and the park when the weather permits are where we have met for the past year. THIS was a dream come true: a productive indoor space that welcomed the girls with open arms! it was also so inspiring for the girls to see other women at work and very encouraging!