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Build and Bloom® is a registered 501C3 Nonprofit organization.
Our mission is to level the playing field for young photographers and entrepreneurs.

"talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not." —leila janah



Financial, the most important for us to continue the program:

Mailchimp Subscription - $200 monthly

Trademark Fees - $1000

Registration Fees - $500

P.O. Box - $200 annually

Gmail Business Account - $20 monthly

Nonprofit Insurance - $1000 annually*

*at this time, we do not have insurance; however, for the meetings and workshops that we host this is a priority!

Because we believe in this cause, Jessica has paid for these costs out-of-pocket in order to cater to the needs of our Build and Bloom community! Any assistance covering these costs would be greatly appreciated!

Our branding, advertizing, and production value has never come first for Build and Bloom because of our emphasis on community and inclusivity, foremost. Although, in order to expand and reach more young adults in the future, we would love to invest in graphics, web design, and overall constent branding to attract more visual artists and creatives to our community and workshops!

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